Captain - Emily Figueroa                                                                              President - Annabella Yale
Vice President - Emily Johnston
Secretary & Treasurer - Vanessa Matone
Chief Engineer - Emily Figueroa
Assistant Engineer - Annabella Yale

CAdet program

The Cadet program was created in the early 2000's to encourage and shape the minds of the youth. The Cadet program is where children can come and learn the skills of the real world. Under the supervision of the Cadet Advisors they are totally independent. They decide how they are ran and funded. They have their own meetings and elections. Where they vote for officers and keep track of their own funds and how they are spent. Once a child turns 16 years of age old they can decide if they would like to enroll into the EMT program. Upon passing the state requirements they can ride along with Adult supervision in the ambulance and learn real life saving skills. 

Cadet Membership